Shoham Bhadra

Shoham got started swing dancing as a junior at UPenn, all because of a fateful sandwich. The rest is history. He’s been hooked ever since, with a focus on having (and giving) the most fun social dances known to humankind. He’s studied Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues at events and workshops around the world, and occasionally pretends to do West Coast Swing. As an instructor, he focuses on clear communication between partners, while employing rhythm variations and a grounded style. When he isn’t swing dancing (ha), you can find him rocking out with Sho and the Sho-Timers or Shuffle Mode, DJing, or slaving away in a lab doing research on batteries.

Contact him at sbhadra [at]

Chris Chen

Chris is an energetic, dynamic dancer who loves jamming to fast music. After first becoming interested in social dancing as a freshman through dorm peer pressure, Chris has been swinging the f out since joining Swingtime, Stanford’s energized swing dance troupe, in 2009. Since then, he has been a performer, a choreographer (self plug: Rhythm of Love and Dance With Me Tonight for Swingtime), and an instructor. As a hopeful future teacher, Chris strives to instill a passion for Lindy Hop, an excitement for the music, and a curiosity and awe about swing theory along side steps. Chris is addicted to Lindy Hop and Charleston, and occasionally tries his hand (foot?) at Balboa, Shag, and West Coast Swing, Waltz, Polka, and some Latin dances. Outside of swing dancing, Chris is currently a graduate student at Princeton in Chemical Engineering, and also enjoys, cooking, eating, musing about pedagogy, and jamming on the washboard in the Bitters & Rye Jazz Band.

Contact him at cchen8 [at]

Hong Long

Hong first started swing dancing at LaB (Lindy and Blues) in Philadelphia after hearing her office mate rave about the dance. What Hong thought would be a small hobby quickly turned into classes and social dancing at least two nights a week, traveling to workshops 3+ hours away for the weekends, and even squeezing in attending social dances while on vacation. She’s even taken first place in a regional J&J at the Lindustrial Revolution! She loves jazz music, the energy of the dance floor, and sharing the love of dancing with others. Be sure to ask her to dance, she’ll be the one with the big smile at the end of every swingout! When Hong isn’t talking about dancing, she probably chats it up about science, running, and food.

Grittney Tam

Grittney was literally dragged to her first swing dance lesson as a freshman at Penn State. However, she soon realized how much fun it could be and quickly become a swing dance addict. Since then, she has traveled all along the eastern seaboard to social dance and attend workshops. She has also been dancing in other countries. She loves to dance lindy hop, charleston, balboa, blues, and tries to be good at collegiate shag. She loves the energy that swing music provides, and most of all she wants her students to have fun. When she isn’t dancing, she can be found buried in a book, eating, sleeping, or trying to be a dinosaur.