Lessons and Dancing TOMORROW NIGHT @ Fields Center, 7:30 PM! Beginners Week 1

Come down to the Carl A. Fields Center TOMORROW NIGHT and join us for lessons and dancing! Please note that we are starting at 7:30 PM for the Intermediate level and at 8:30 PM for Beginners.
This will be our introductory class for Beginners, so if you have been postponing your dancing career until now because of your classes, finals, papers, etc. – tomorrow (post Dean’s Date) is a good time to start!
To make up for not having a room last week and missing our lessons, we will be extra awesome! Chris will be teaching the famous Jitterbug Stroll. Remember those moments when everybody gets excited, lines up, and starts dancing a routine, you have no idea about? Tomorrow you’ll become one of them, one of us – learn the Jitterbug Stroll and show off your moves!
This weeks schedule with Chris and Hong
7:30 PM – Intermediate (The Jitterbug Stroll)
8:30 PM – Beginners Series Week 1 (6 Count Swing)
9:30 – 11:30 PM – Open Dancing