New Swing Dancing Season at Princeton: Lessons and Dancing Tomorrow Night @FRIEND Center! Beginners Week 1

Princeton University Swing Dance Club starts a new season tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 28, at Friend Center Convocation Room. Our lessons are free and open to everyone.
Our Intermediate lesson with Chris and Natasha starts at 7pm
If you took Beginners lessons with us last year, if you know the basics of the 6 count and the 8 count, and familiar with the concept of a swing out, please feel free to come and join us for an hour of new shiny swing moves, work on your transitions and turns, polish your footwork with us!
Our lesson for Beginners with Chris and Grittney starts at 8pm
No prior experience of swing dancing (or any dancing) is required, you don’t have to come with a partner, you don’t have to have special shoes (wear flats, any flats will work). If you can walk and can count till 8, you will be able to learn a wonderful dance with us very soon.
We start our Beginners series with the 6 Count Basic, the foundation of the East Coast Swing.
Open Dancing and Practice from 9pm till 10pm with Alec Grant, our colleague from Rutgers Swing Dance Club.
Come and join us for open dancing! We can’t wait to see familiar faces and make new friends!