Not sure which lesson to attend? Check out these descriptions:

Beginner Lesson: The beginner series is meant for people who are new to Swing dancing, or dancing in general, up until those who have been dancing for about half a year off and on. We believe that if you can walk, you can dance, and this series of four progressive lessons is designed to teach you 6 count Lindy, 8 count Lindy, Charleston, and how to put all of it together. It’s highly recommended that you take this series at least twice. Through practicing these steps, you should be able to swing dance with anyone anywhere in the world!

Need to brush up on your skills/remember a lesson? Check out these Recap Videos!

Intermediate Lesson: To attend the intermediate lesson, you should be comfortable with the 6 count basic and turns, as well as the swingout and Lindy circle, along with basic Charleston. The intermediate lesson is a “Teacher’s Choice” lesson, meaning the topics will be wide and varied, aiming to spice up your Swing dancing.