When you’re looking for music to swing to, keep in mind that different styles often require different tempos. Typically, East Coast swing (i.e. 6-count swing) is danced to 120-250 bpm, while Lindy Hop (i.e. 8-count swing) is danced to slightly slower songs, 110-190 bpm. Balboa, on the other hand, can be danced to much faster songs, with typical balboa tempos ranging from 140-270 bpm. But of course, these are just suggestions – dance to whatever makes you happy!

Some helpful playlists to get you started:

Kirstin’s swing playlist (mostly jazz classics, but some modern songs!)

Tyler’s swing playlists: (1), (2), (3), (4)

Kirstin’s balboa playlist (a short list, but growing!)